Change Management is the management of change and development within a business or similar organization Or the controlled identification and implementation of required changes within a computer system.

It comprise of the following stages.

  1. Creating a change manager
  2. Creating a change request template
  3. Creating an approval process for the change request
  4. Creating a change request (if a change is required.)


And consist of two workflows,

  1. Planned

    1. Change planning
    2. Change approval
    3. Infrastructure / application change
    4. Planned change closure

change management

  1. Emergency

    1. Specialist starts working on change request
    2. Emergency change closure
Emergency Change Implementation
Emergency Change Implementation

Role of Change Manager:

  1. Accepts /rejects change request
  2. Minimize the risk and impact of change request on customers
  3. Ensures conflict free implementation of change requests
  4. Obtains approval for change requests

To create a Change request temple:

Remedyforce workspace >> configuration >> temple >> new >> Provide name >> add fields>> add tasks (if required- by providing workflow details of the task, you can even set the order of execution of tasks if required.)>> SAVE.

Creating an approval process for change request:

An approval process is an automation process to approve records in BMC Remedyforce.

You can specify the approval steps for an approval process, and actions for change request when a record is approves, rejected, recalled, of first submitted for approval.

To Create an approval process(customize Application permission is needed),

  1. Remedyforce Administration tab>>Manage workflow and Approvals >> Approval process

The approval process page appears,

  1. Manage Approval process for list>>Change request
  2. Create new approval process>>Use standard setup wizard

Step1 of wizard appear,

  1. Provide a Name and description on for the newly created approval process,
  2. Specify the entry criteria,
  3. Specify an approver for the approval process
  4. If you want to notify the approver about the pending approval requests, you can assign an email template to the approval process. Approval Assignment Email Template>> Select an email template.
  5. Configure an approval page for approval process, by selecting from the available fields list, choosing there order.
  6. Specifying initial submitter for the Approval process.
  7. Create an approval step to activate this approval process.
  8. Provide name and description for the approval step
  9. Specify the entry criteria for the approval step
  10. Assign an approver to the approval step.
  11. Create an approval Action for the approval step.
  12. Create an email alert for the approval step.

Managing change requests

Creating a change request

A change request is created if a problem is identified and evaluated and a change is required for its resolution.

A change request has detailed information about,

  1. Reason for change
  2. The rollout plan
  3. The back-out plan
  4. Type of change
  5. Change category

Change request assessment

After creating a change request you can assess the change request to identify the cost and risks (technical, financial, business)  involved in implementing the change request,

Post assessment changer request is submitted for approval, Post approval tasks can be created to implement the change request.

Change Schedule

Displays the change schedule on a timeline so that organizational level changes can be managed effectively

Projected service outage: Displays the projected service outage during which no change can be implemented.