Excited about Dreamforce 2018 ?


As Dreamforce days are going to be so busy for everyone

Plan your Dreamforce activities and manage it on your calendar to make sure that you don’t miss out any of the important sessions.


Top 5 tips for your DF 18 Agenda :

1. Filters are your friends:

Use them wisely! We have 18 industries, 20 roles, 32 products, 41 themes, and 3 levels for you to filter the Dreamforce schedule down to what you want to find.

I suggest that you begin with your role, as this will help you find the sessions best suited to you. Then, layer on those themes, industries, and products that you’re interested in.


2. Einstein has your back:

We are excited to have Einstein back again this year to select and suggest sessions for you based on your interests.

By using the Agenda Builder, Einstein can analyze your bookmarks and the sessions you attended the previous day to offer up new suggestions. It’s the power of data and analytics at your fingertips!


3. Go ahead and bookmark:

To get a head start, bookmark the sessions that you’re interested in attending at Dreamforce.

You can easily reserve your seat for bookmarked sessions with Agenda Builder.


4. Theater sessions:

We have 1,200+ twenty-minute theater sessions for you to choose from so make sure to include them in your schedule.

These sessions contain success stories, tips and tricks, and action-based information that pack a punch.


5. Balance is key:

Only book three or four sessions per day so you’ll still have time to explore and enjoy those unexpected micro-moments that pop up all over the Dreamforce campus.

Striking a good balance is key because Dreamforce has so much to offer!

To make our lives easy, Salesforce has released Agenda Builder for DF 2018. Check it out

Salesforce Agenda Builder

Link : https://success.salesforce.com/sessions?eventId=a1Q3A00001XoCSUUA3#/?d=cta-li-promo-77