release management process

Before we get in depth of release management lets understand what is a release, A release is a collection of related approved change requests and tasks that are tested and introduced into production environment.

release management process
release management process

Release management process consist of four procedures,

  1. Change request handling

After the change coordinator sends a change request to the release coordinator,

The release coordinator reviews the change request to understand its requirements, if the changer request does not require the involvement of release management; the release coordinator sends it back to the change coordinator. However, if the change request requires the involvement of release management, the release coordinator checks whether the change request requires the approval of Change Advisory Board (CAB). If this approval is required, the release coordinator sends the change request to the CAB for approval.

  1. Release definition

The CAB reviews the final list of change requests.

The CAB members decide on the change requests that they want to include in the next release, and reject the rest of the change requests. The release coordinator then reviews the change requests that they want to include with the respective change coordinators. Together they work out an implementation plan.

  1. Business justification

The release coordinator checks if a budget is available for the release.

However, if the release cannot be implemented using the existing budgets. The release coordinator prepares a business case and requests for approval form the concerned users. If the users reject the business case, the release coordinator contacts the CAB, and informs them about it. The release coordinator also informs the CAB about the change requests that they must review again, and then closes the release.

  1. Release coordination

The release coordinator informs the change coordinators about the change requests that they must implement for the release.

After the change coordinators implement the change requests, the release coordinator informs the requestors of the release about the implementation. The release coordinator then publishes the suggestions and decisions that all the stakeholders agree upon and, finally, closes the release.

By following the above process, BMC Remedyforce is successful in handling release for all ITSM needs, to keep up with the flow of work and information in an organization.

In the next blog, we are going to talk about Configuration Management.

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