Mobile Publisher

Mobile Publisher for Community Cloud

Research shows that 3.3 hours out of 6 hours of daily internet usage are spent on mobile devices. If you have a Lightning Community today, Package it into a branded mobile app that is downloadable from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Full Mobile App Functionality with Salesforce

Fast and easy way to build beautiful apps,

Mobile Publisher for Community Cloud automatically updates and publishes any change you make to the desktop version of your digital experience to your mobile app.

It’s now effortless to ensure your customers digital experiences are consistent through all channels.

Mobile Publisher for Community Cloud includes:

  • Pixel-Perfect Branding: Brand your app with a custom app icon, splash screen, and app name.
  • Persistent Authentication: user can close the app and reopen without being logged out.
  • Local File Access: Users can access local files and photos right from their phone for upload into the app
  • Push Notifications: Users get instant alerts and updates right on their phone homescreen.
  • Security: Offer authenticated and guest modes for unregistered users, Touch ID / Face ID Login
  • Any changes made in the community are instantly updated in the mobile app.
  • SDK Free – No third party integrations or mobile SDK is require.

And every mobile app is connected to the same data and process that are updated with every customer interaction.

All it takes is a one-page form with app details such as,

  1. a description,
  2. metadata,
  3. an app icon,
  4. and splash screen images, etc..

Mobile Publisher is available in North America and Europe with the Salesforce Spring ’19 Release