Most awaited Winter 2K19 release is s quickly approaching and soon you’ll be able to take advantage of exciting new features and functionality!

The Sandbox Preview window for Winter ‘19 is scheduled to begin September 7, 2018. If you would like your Sandbox organization to take part in the Winter ‘19 Preview, your Sandbox must be active on a Preview Instance before September 7, 2018 to take part in an overall instance upgrade.

Here are some of the cool features that you should have a look at :

1) Field History Tracking Data Deleted After 18 Months

Salesforce guarantees to retain your field history data for up to 18 months. To ensure high availability of data and accommodate the fast-growing data needs of our customers, up until now, we haven’t enforced the 18-month retention policy. Starting with the Winter’19 release, we no longer retain field history beyond 18 months. To retain field history longer, you can purchase the Field Audit Trail add-on.

2) Sync Your Emails and Activities

Work smarter with the new setup flow for Einstein Activity Capture. It helps you sync your email and activities so you don’t need to switch between applications. Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Essentials Edition.How: Click and go to Basic Setup. From Setup, enter Einstein Activity Capture in the Quick Find box, and then select Settings
(1). Scroll to the bottom of the page and switch the feature on









3) Forecast Sales by Territory (Generally Available)

Territory Forecasting gives your team a snapshot of how expected opportunity revenue compares between sales territories. Want to know which territory has the most in closed deals this month? Use Territory Forecasting to find out.








4) Drill Into Your Campaign Related Lists with Quick Filters

Quick filters let you adjust your campaign related list filter set in a breeze. Quick filters are different from regular list view filters in that they aren’t saved, persist only throughout your current session, and can’t be shared. Use quick filters to easily refine your list view without the commitment.



5) Leads: Reject Leads That Don’t Use reCAPTCHA

Stop spammers from sending you bogus leads. Reject leads that generate from Web-to-Lead that don’t use reCAPTCHA verification.